Don’t waste time selling items you’re only compensated for once. With our affiliate program you’re provided with a link that will track all incoming purchases. Even if your client doesn’t use that link again, our system will still recognize as your customer for throughout the life of their purchases. You can send your potential customer the link to purchase or you can embed the link and drug test cup banner on your website. Every time a customer clicks and purchases, you make money.

Recurring commissions:
Get 6% commissions on every sale!

About Us

Drug Screening Cups is the fastest growing drug testing supplies company in the country. We purchase our drug test cups in huge quantities in order to make sure our supplies are always available, and that our customers earn the best savings with each purchase. Our 12 panel drug tests, as well as most of our other products, are FDA approved and CLIA waived. We keep a massive supply in our warehouse that we distribute via a fully automated online program to ensure shipments go out swiftly.

We have the best prices in the country and attribute our fast growth to this, as well as to the quality of our products.

Why is this good for you?

When you approach a potential client through email, social media, LinkedIn or any forum, you will see that they are amazed at our low prices, making sales easy. This is a product they must use daily, and customers will typically purchase from us on a monthly basis due to the disposable nature of drug testing cups.

Drug Screening Cups sells drug testing cups to...


Drug Rehabs


Suboxone clinics


Pain clinics

Detox centers


Toxicology Labs


Drug and Treatment Facilities


Work Force Agencies



What can you expect to earn?

This all depends on you and your accounts. Our sales per customer range from $250 to $10,000 with our average sale being about $750 which is around 300 drug test cups. Every time this customer buys you make $45. This might not seem like a lot, but we have one affiliate that already has over 200 clients and makes huge residual monthly income. Remember: we are the best price in the country and it’s an easy sale.

We do have a sliding scale commission based on the volume discounts given to big clients – 6% to 3% . If a client buys 20 boxes, which is a common purchase, they get a discount of $25 per box which saves them an extra $500. This sale is $4,500 and would bring the commission to 3% ,this would still be a residual income for you of $135 Monthly Residual income.

What we offer that no other company offers is a chance to build a sustainable long term business that provides you with a monthly residual income that can net you huge commissions.

This is pretty incredible don’t you think?

You can work from home, get started today and register below to create the lifestyle you deserve.